Physiotherapy methods at the ORTO clinic

Remedial gymnastics is a type of movement therapy under physiotherapist’s supervision that is performed individually or in groups. Remedial gymnastics exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch your muscles, as well as to mobilise soft tissues and to improve the balance and coordination of joints.

Taking a remedial gymnastics course typically improves the strength of muscles, increases the range of movements, improves the stability of joints, balance, and coordination, resulting in better posture and pace of movements.

Kinesio® taping involves gluing of elastic self-adhesive cotton fabric tapes on the patient’s skin. The following effects are typically achieved:
• Pain is reduced;
• Swelling is reduced;
• Lymph drainage is improved;
• Certain muscle groups are toned or relaxed;
• Joints are stabilized;
• Posture is corrected;
• Scar tissues are reduced.

Kinesio® tapes are applied by physiotherapists who have finished special training in taping. Tape is glued directly to the skin of a person. The patient after taping procedure can take shower, visit swimming pool. The tape lasts for approximately one week.

Physical therapy uses various physical factors (water, heat, sun, clay, sand, mud applications, sauna, massages, etc.) to alleviate medical conditions. The physical therapy methods offered at the ORTO clinic are: classical massage, TENS, ultrasound/phonophoresis, magnet therapy.

● Classical massage uses various hand movements acting on the human body to achieve the desired effects on the patient. Massage improves blood circulation, metabolism, relaxes or tones certain muscle groups, relieves pain of overloaded muscles and improves the overall sense of well-being.

● TENS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation uses electric impulses to treat specific parts of the body. During the treatment electrodes are placed on the body and electric impulses are transmitted through them. This method results in very effective local anaesthesia, improves blood circulation and metabolism in the particular area.

● Ultrasound therapy / phonophoresis– during the treatment ultrasound acts on the human tissues. Phonophoresis is used to introduce medication into the tissues with the help of ultrasound. During these treatments the tissues are stimulated on microscopic scale, blood circulation is improved and analgesic effect is obtained as swelling and inflammation is reduced.

● Magnetic field therapy – Due to the impact of magnetic fields swelling and pain is reduced, faster healing of the damaged tissues is obtained.