Outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation department is visited by people who can restore their health and work capacity:

  • Without surgical intervention (using conservative approach);
  • After surgical treatment within the framework of the rehabilitation programme;
  • Who have been advised to focus on the prevention of potential health problems.

The following services are provided by the outpatient rehabilitation department:

  • Consultation by physiotherapist;
  • Remedial gymnastics;
  • Therapeutic massage;
  • Passive excercises to extend the movement range using a hip, knee and ankle excercise apparatus, a shoulder excercise apparatus and, of course, the caring hands of physiotherapist (manual excercise);
  • Fascia release and stretching techniques;
  • Kinesio® taping;
  • Physical therapy (magnet therapy, ultrasound, phonophoresis, TENS).