Fundamental movement skills test

What is this? In order to assess human physical development, the ORTO clinical has started offering fundamental testing. With the help of a set of exercises, physical characteristics and restrictions that may potentially cause injuries are thoroughly analyzed. Upon the assessment of the obtained results, an individual training plan is developed, with the goal of developing and balancing weak muscles, the non-involvement of which causes overstraining of the other sets of muscles which are strong and always actively involved in the training. 

What will be gained by conducting the test? 

  • a clear understanding about dominant and weak sets of muscles;
  • information about injury risk locations in the body, caused by movements conducted with incorrect loads;
  • data on mobility, motor control and body posture;
  • knowledge about what should be trained to prevent sports movements that are potentially detrimental to health and incomplete;
  • the possibility to develop and achieve more!

Who conducts the testing?: Jekabs Grinbergs, a certified sports diagnostics expert

Price of the fundamental movement skills test: 75 euros

Where does the testing take place? At ORTO clinic's branch at Āgenskalns, by setting up an appointment 67869889

Duration of the testing and results analysis:  1.5 h

If it is necessary to improve the quality of certain movements, an individual training plan is developed that can be practiced at home or at the physiotherapeutics room together with an expert.

Exercises are intended to be practiced for a certain time, after which the efficiency of the achieved results is checked.


Subject: Aleksandrs Samoilovs, beach volleyball player
Testing conducted by: Jekabs Grinbergs, sports diagnostics expert