Jēkabs Grinbergs

Sport Performance Specialist



Secondary school – St. Johnsbury Academy (Vermont, USA) (2013)
Bachelor's degree – Castleton University (Vermont, USA) – Sports Science (2017) – GPA: 3.62, recognition for writing skills
Master’s degree – UCAM - Catholic University of Murcia (Spain, Murcia)
– High Achievement in Sports and Physical Fitness (2018)
Assistent lecturer at the laboratory of chemistry – Castleton University (Vermont, USA) Assistent lecturer in MFR therapy – Castleton University (Vermont, USA)
Work experience and clients:
 UCAM Basketball Team (ACB League)(Spain) (practical training)
 UCAM Youth Basketball Development System (Spain) (practical training)
 UCAM University Sports Laboratory (Spain) (practical training)
 BK Valka / Valga – professional basketball team
 Youth Basketball Coaches seminar of the Latvian Basketball Association – delivered a lecture on the mechanics and prevention of injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee (5 June 2018)
 Seminar of the Sports Union of Latvian Higher Education Institutions – delivered a lecture “Development of Sports Competencies of Coaches and High Achievement Students” (14 June 2018)
 Delivered a lecture at the seminar for coaches “Basketbola Fabrika”
 Latvian Youth Basketball Camp “Laiks Piespēlei”
 Renars Krastenbergs – ice hockey player in the Pittsburgh Penguins system
 Toms Andersons – professional ice hockey player
 Zintis Zuševics - professional ice hockey player
 Daniks Vesnenoks – professional fighter
 Anna Kirienko – professional basketall player
 Mārtiņš Karsums - professional ice hockey player
 Anita Teilāne - professional basketball player
 Zane Tamane - professional basketball player
 Riga Stradins University women’s volleyball team
 Postural alignment and improvement of the general health of a blind, partially deaf and autistic student. (9 months, Vermont, USA, Castleton University)

Work skills and certifications:

 Certified in the provision of first aid (Spain)
 FMS certified (functional movement assessment and corrections)
 FCS certified (functional capacity assessment and development)
 YBT certified (Y balance and motor control assessment)
 Basic knowledge in nutrition and use of food supplements
 Basics of sports psychology
 Planning and creation of physical fitness development programs
 Experience in olympic weightlifting
 Skills and experience in MFR therapy and postural alignment
 Experience in conducting exercise stress tests and analyzing the results thereof
 Efficient communication


 Graduate of the Riga Basketball Academy (BA Rīga) (2012)
 Participant and representative from Latvia of the New England Colonials basketball tour (2011)
 1 season of basketball at the St. Johnsbury Academy (Vermont, USA)


e-mail: jekabs.grinbergs@orto.lv

mobile: +371 26141575