Concurrently to medical treatment physiotherapy frequently is successful, long-term alternative for solving body’s support and movement apparatus problems, as well as spine problems with surgical intervention. Timely started physiotherapy is invaluable for the successful healing and recovery process after surgery. Due to these reasons ORTO clinics have developed physiotherapy division with spacious hall for practical exercises and a team of caring and devoted thirteen physiotherapists. Physiotherapists closely collaborate with doctors of ORTO clinics — orthopaedic surgeons, vertebrologists and rheumatologists to jointly work to offer individually most suitable solutions to our patients, provide support and interested, open attitude towards successful solving of every health concern.

Team of ORTO physiotherapists mostly work with diseases related to joints and spine.

Physiotherapy in ORTO clinics is applied as:

  • Therapeutic method for the prevention of surgery;
  • To strengthen ligaments of the joints and muscles of the body before planned surgery with the purpose to promote faster and complete recovery during the post-operative period;
  • For the restoration of movements, strengthening of ligaments and muscles from the first day after the surgery with the purpose to promote faster and complete recovery;

As a solution for prevention of joint and spine illnesses.