The ORTO Clinic offers four types of radiological examinations: X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, and MRI. Our professional specialisation is spinal and joint issues, and to diagnose these conditions we use the latest equipment to quickly and accurately identify even the most subtle changes so we can begin appropriate treatment. Colleagues from other medical institutions refer their patients to the ORTO Clinic to accurately diagnose internal organ disorders (for example, problems with the abdomen, small intestines or thyroid gland).

A doctor’s referral is not required for MRI or ultrasound.

X-rays and CT scans are only performed with a doctor’s referral.

Radiological examination results (except for the ultrasound imaging) are digitalised, so you can print them out or send to doctors anywhere in the world. After the examination you will receive a CD with the examination data and the radiologist’s findings.