Leading trauma and orthopaedics clinic in Baltics

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ORTO Daugavpils

At ORTO Klīnika’s branch DAUGAVPILS we offer:

  • specialist’s consultation;
  • radiology examinations (ultrasonography);
  • test sample collection;
  • physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

ORTO Klīnika specialises in treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, therefore in Daugavpils branch, we offer trauma and orthopaedics doctor’s spine surgeon’s and rheumatologist’s consultations. Also the clinic offers anaesthesiologist’s and nephrologist’s consultations. There are musculoskeletal ultrasound examinations being performed in the clinic as well.

At ORTO Klīnika’s Daugavpils branch, patients can have their joint pain diagnosed, treatment plan developed, and all the necessary care provided. Also we provide postoperative care – consultations, wound treatment, removing sutures. At our Daugavpils branch we offer rehabilitation in line with the clinic’s standards under supervision of doctors and physiotherapists.

SIA ''ORTO Klīnika’’ 26.01.2023. noslēdza ar LIAA līgumu Nr. SKV-TL-2023/9 par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana” ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.
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