Orto Daugavpils

At ORTO Clinic' s branch DAUGAVPILS we do offer:

  • specialist’s consultation;
  • diagnostics (analyses, ultrasonography, x-ray projection);
  • physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Musculoskeletal diseases is ORTO Clinic' s specialization. In Daugavpils we manage orthopedic and spine surgeon’s consultations, treatment planning, injection into damaged soft tissue or joints (pain reducing, PRP, hyaluronic acid injections), as well as treatment of acute patients.
Daugavpils branch patients can receive preoperative treatment - consultations, incision care, surgical suture removal, rehabilitation controlled by clinic’s doctors and physiotherapists.
Orthopedic and spinal surgery is done only at ORTO Clinic's inpatient ward in Riga, Bukultu street 1 a.