ORTO Clinics work at the current situation

ORTO Clinics work at the current situation

In accordance with the directive by the Latvian Ministry of Health about the deferral of planned medical care, we have limited our services and switched to providing consultations without meeting in person. Nevertheless, we are open for business and will take care of our patients, although in different ways than before.


Consultations by doctors

Consultations in person will be provided only to the patients who:

• recently had surgery;

• require treatment after trauma;

• suffer from exacerbation of a chronic musculoskeletal condition;

• experience back pain for more than a month, accompanied by tingling sensation or impaired mobility;

• chronic rheumatology patients.


On–line consultations – (by phone, Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype)

We will provide consultations to all patients with musculoskeletal complaints, who do not suffer from acute conditions. In case if the doctor will have doubts during the consultation about the sufficiency of care, a consultation in person will be arranged.

After a consultation over distance, your doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary medications, similarly to a typical consultation in person.

All diagnostic procedures at the ORTO Clinic are currently available only to the patients receiving consultations in person.



Physiotherapists will consult and assist in person those patients who:

• are in the hospital shortly after surgery;

• are in rehabilitation after surgery or trauma – if delayed care could cause prolonged disability or impairment of bodily functions.


On–line consultations 

We offer rehabilitation under the supervision of a physiotherapist over distance, by using Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype for patients and customers with manageable chronic conditions.



• As long as the directive by the Latvian Ministry of Health about the deferral of planned medical care is in force, we will not provide planned surgery to patients.

• As before, we will perform surgical procedures according to our specialization in the cases where the surgery is necessary to save health or life, or to prevent disability.