A new academic year begins at the ORTO Clinic “learning shop”

ORTO klīnikas “mācībnīca” 2018./2019.

Like elsewhere, Monday, September 3 marks the beginning of a new academic year at the ORTO Clinic. Five of our doctors will read lectures and facilitate practical training sessions for the students and residents of both Latvian institutions of medical higher education. Doctors at the clinic have prepared a new cycle of study workshops for professionals - general practitioners, doctors in sports medicine, podologists and physiotherapists, that will take place at the ORTO Clinic in autumn and winter. Concurrently, we will also keep learning this year –at seminars, workshops, conferences and congresses – to continue researching, accumulating, thinking, applying and sharing knowledge.

● This academic year, Dr.Sc. Anna Mihailova, rheumatologist at the ORTO Clinic, will facilitate the Riga Stradins University (RSU) residency programme in rheumatology and read lectures to 6th year students.

● Dr. Sc. Agnese Ozoliņa, an anesthesiologist-reanimatologist will read a first aid course in anesthesiology and reanimatology to 1st and 3rd students and a course in anesthesiology and intensive care to 5th year students of the RSU Faculty of Medicine.

● Our third doctor of science - Zanda Priede, neurologist and docent of neurology and neurosurgery at the RSU, will conduct classes and read lectures to 5th year residency students.

● This academic year, spinal surgeon Artis Gulbis   will facilitate a spinal surgery course to 6th year students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia, and lead a study group of medicine students that are spinal surgery enthusiasts.

● Whereas radiologist-diagnostician Pēteris Līkums will work with residents of both Latvian institutions of medical higher education, providing practical insights into diagnostic radiology at the ORTO Clinic.

In a recent interview, Zanda Priede reminded us that learning is an efficient way to keep your brain young till the very end of your life. This is also a significant reason never to stop learning!

Again, the doors of the “learning shop” of the ORTO Clinic are open, and we are full of inspiration to start a new academic year. May we all learn with passion!