On-line consultations

On-line consultations

Consultations over distance can be scheduled with any of the doctors at our clinic by calling the reception desk of the ORTO Clinic at 67144013

• With the help of our reception desk personnel, the time will be scheduled when your doctor will provide a consultation to you over phone, Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype, whichever of these methods may be convenient to you.

• You will be expected to send to our email address office@orto.lv scanned images of your ID card or passport, the relevant test results and health records, as well as your phone number or the Skype or Zoom number. You will receive a bill, and after the bill is paid, your consultation will be confirmed over email.

• Your doctor will call you at the scheduled time, using the communication method that you selected.

• After the consultation, you will receive a code via your mobile phone for downloading the consultation transcript.

• The consultation transcript will be available in three days time at the ORTO Clinic webpage www.orto.lv, by pressing the button „Conclusions” and entering the received code.