Leading spinal surgeons undergo training in Riga (01.11.2017.)

Dr. Artis Gulbis

In November 2- 3, the leading spinal surgeons of Europe and Asia will assemble in the AOSpine Baltic Symposium, which is held annualy in one of the member states. AOSpine is the most elite and progressive  spinal surgery and research association in the world. The symposium is held and facilitated by Artis Gulbis, spinal surgeon of the ORTO clinic, who is an official educator of AOSpine and has been involved in the activities of this association of professionals for 16 years.

The AOSpine symposium in Riga will be dedicated to issues seldom addressed in the Baltics and rarely practiced in medicine in Latvia -  disorders and traumas of the cervical spine. The Symposium will be attended by professionals who conduct surgery on a daily basis and practice in their proffesion for at least five years.

Leading spinal surgeons from Germany, Norway, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia will deliver lectures in Riga. The goal of the AOSpine symposium is to summarize, present and discuss innovative solutions, research and technologies.  The work of the symposium is organised into 12 modules. Each theme will be introduced by a lecture based on the summary of latest research, a presentation of a complex and ambiguous case study, workshops with the purpose to find the treatment strategy solution for the casework, a joint discussion and the introduction to the solution of the author of the presented case.

 “This is a very interactive form of training, where every participant – a spinal surgeon – is fully involved in the process and thus gains a diverse and deep experience,” says Artis Gulbis.

With their professionalism and idealism, the Baltic spinal surgeons, who are able to keep up with the level of their international colleagues in their profession, have earned the attention and respect within AOSpine. Therefore, already for the fifth year, the training courses are organised in the Baltic States, for the second time in Riga.

 “No more do we have to go to other continents to hear and see the most distinguished spinal practitioners and theorists. They visit us and are also ready to actively involve Baltic physicians,” says the Chairman of this year’s symposium in Latvia Artis Gulbis, with satisfaction.