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Thank you for choosing the ORTO Clinic!

We hope that the following procedure will make our cooperation simple and convenient:

How we communicate

  • If you would like to receive a consultation for a health issue, please send an e-mail to the clinic via The clinic’s reception staff will forward the message to the doctor who is best suited to help you.

What we communicate

  • In your e-mail, please describe:

            - Your health issue,
            - When it began,
            - Situations where it becomes more acute,
            - Problems caused by this issue,
            - Any previous treatment received.

Please attach documentation relating to any previous examinations and doctors’ opinions.

Responding letter from the doctor

In the letter of response, the doctor will give an assessment of the situation and suggest possible solutions. If you decide to continue with the therapeutic relationship, the doctor will offer several options for future communication, such as e-mail, telephone, Skype.

Meeting in person

  • After we agree to a meeting in person and/or the need for medical or surgical intervention, an ORTO Clinic representative will send you an e-mail detailing the information required to obtain an invitation for special visa for medical services.
  • Before helping you with the visa formalities, the ORTO Clinic representative will arrange a convenient date for you to visit the clinic.
  • After you receive the invitation, you should take it to a Latvian Embassy to obtain a visa. For more details, please visit the website of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • It is your responsibility to make arrangements to travel to Riga.
  • The ORTO Clinic can arrange a transfer from Riga Airport or railway station to the clinic and back.
  • Your previously selected room will be ready for you at the ORTO Clinic.
  • When you are arranging your visit with the ORTO Clinic representative, please inform us about your special requirements (such as meals). We will do everything we can to fulfill your wishes and to ensure your stay at the ORTO Clinic is comfortable and pleasant.
  • If you are coming to the ORTO Clinic for a surgical procedure, the clinic will provide all essential medical aids (such as crutches).
  • You are most welcome to bring a companion with you to the ORTO Clinic. He or she may also stay at the clinic during your visit, or at a hotel of your choice. Please let the ORTO Clinic representative know as soon as possible that you will be travelling with a companion, since the companion’s visa will be processed simultaneously with your visa.

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