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How to help your organism during the postoperative period?


Often, we think that psychologically surgery is the most difficult part of the healing process. However, in reality it is much more difficult to accept that the recovery time after surgery is slower, and we feel much weaker and more limited than we imagined before. Our sleep is worse because we worry, we feel drained because the body spends its strength and energy on the healing processes, we may catch a cold even though we haven’t been outdoors. We want this time to pass sooner, so we can start living and moving as before. Understanding this and finding ways to make post-operative weeks easier and help the body to better cope with the stress caused by surgery, doctors of the ORTO clinic, in collaboration with the Riga Stradins University have studied and formulated areas where the body can experience shortfalls and the need for additional support after surgery:

  • Faster regeneration and healing of tissue
  • Better sleep
  • Decreasing stress levels
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Maintaining an optimum intestinal microflora during use of antibiotics
  • Proper blood circulation and oxygen uptake
  • Decrease of muscular distrophy in restricted movement conditions after surgery

To help yourself during the healing process, it is important to ensure movement in fresh air, adequate physical activity (preferably - under the supervision of a competent physiotherapist) and high-quality, diverse foods. However, in addition to the aforementioned, you can help the body by strengthening it with biologically active substances and vitamins that support each of the major areas that may need additional support in the postoperative period. 

In cooperation with the Latvian pharmaceutical manufacturer LotosPharma, the ORTO clinic has created the ORTO pack that combines bioactive substances (or dietary supplements) to be used both in the preoperative period and after.

These will be useful to help the body recover and regenerate sooner after surgery. 

Components of the recommended package of dietary supplements:

  • Artroveron – consists of glucosamine, Omega -3, hyaluronic acids, chondroit and collagen 
  • Solvitale – consists of vitamin D and fatty acids
  • Good sleep – consists of valeriana, passiflora, hops and melatonin
  • MagneMix – magnesium
  • C Vit prolong – consists of vitamin C and blackcurrant
  • VenaVein – consists of chestnut seed extract, hesperidin and diosmin
  • LactoFar – consists of chamomile and yeast
  • PerioOp – consists of cows' milk protein concentrate, native whey protein isolate and inulin

Recognizing that the recovery time of our patients may last up to half a year, we offer the ORTO pack, or a dietary supplement complex for a month or three months.. 

Price of the package for one month – 90 eur

Price of the package for three months – 150 eur