Rheumatologic diseases

Nothing is as tiring as repeated visits to doctors of different stabilization, performing of numerous examinations and inability to find out exact diagnosis. This is the problem frequently encountered by arthritis patients.

Musculoskeletal diseases - including - arthritis is the specialty of ORTO. Arthritis is one of the forms of rheumatic illnesses. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but accurate diagnostics is the only solution to reduce pain and discomfort when appropriate treatment is commenced. 

Rheumatologist is responsible for determining of accurate diagnosis.

When you seek help in ORTO clinics you:

  • Save time;
  • Diagnosis is set timely and precisely;
  • We cure the discovered arthritis not only consequences it has caused;

Consultations of rheumatologist, diagnostics and rehabilitation classes all are available in ORTO clinics. When you undergo treatment at ORTO clinics, you will receive full arthritis treatment cycle. Frequently it is possible to begin appropriate treatment already during the first visit (both diagnostics and necessary examinations will be performed in ORTO clinics on the same day. To get maximum advantage from the rheumatologist consultation, please prepare in advance.