To keep up with the world in spinal surgery (13.11.2017.)


At the beginning of November, an event significant for the prestige of Latvia and Latvian professionals – the AOSPine European symposium for spinal surgeons – took place in Riga, in the Radisson Blu Latvija hotel. It was dedicated to disorders and traumas of the cervical spine. Compared to the lumbar spine, the number of practicing surgeons who specialize in treatment of the cervical spine is significantly smaller, due to the complexity and high precision of the solutions.


Leading spinal surgeons undergo training in Riga (01.11.2017.)


In November 2- 3, the leading spinal surgeons of Europe and Asia will assemble in the AOSpine Baltic Symposium, which is held annualy in one of the member states. AOSpine is the most elite and progressive  spinal surgery and research association in the world. The symposium is held and facilitated by Artis Gulbis, spinal surgeon of the ORTO clinic, who is an official educator of AOSpine and has been involved in the activities of this association of professionals for 16 years.


An orthopaedic surgeon is consulting at the Agenskalns branch of the ORTO clinic (09.11.2017.)


From November 15  orthopaedic surgeon Andrej Finogejev is consulting patients at the Rehabilitation unit of the ORTO clinic in Agenskalns. From now on, patients living on the left bank of the Daugava (in Imanta, Zolitude, Ziepniekkalns, Tornakalns, Agenskalns and other Pardaugava neighborhoods) will be consulted by an ORTO clinic doctor in their own part of the city.


A timely checkup of the infant’s hip joint may prevent surgery (17.10.2017.)


In case of suspected congenital hip joint problems (dysplasia) in an infant, the medical practitioner’s referral to ultrasonic examination is required, which is specifically recommended for infants, and precise visualisation of cartilaginous structures is needed, which cannot be seen, for example, in an X-ray. Ultrasonic examination is the primary method to confirm the dislocation of the joint.


Bunions – should I opt for surgery or just live with it? (27.04.2017.)


Bunion surgery is one of the few surgical operations in traumatology and orthopaedics where people opt for it not only because of pain or discomfort but also due to visual appeal. If the main motivation when considering surgery is the desire to wear narrow, elegant shoes, maybe it is worth to rethink this step.


Price change for physical therapy services at the ORTO Clinic beginning with15th of May (24.04.2017.)


● first session with physiotherapist - EUR 25

● physiotherapist’s consultation - EUR 25

● custom session with physiotherapist, 1 h – EUR 19

● subscription for therapeutic exercises, 10 X 1 h – EUR 170

● session with physiotherapist, 1.5 h – EUR 22

● manual improvement of joint’s motion range, 30 min – EUR 20


Exercising regardless of pain – why not? (01.03.2017.)


Exercising can become an addiction in a relatively short period of time. If there is an interruption in our workout schedule, we suffer almost physically and feel inner dissatisfaction. Maybe this is the reason why discomfort or joint pain does not restrain us from our established workout routine. Even when a doctor has prescribed pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs and asked us to abstain from physical activities during use.


Surgery at the ORTO clinic (movie ) (31.01.2017.)


Upcoming surgery would seem terrifying for each of us. Fantasies about how everything will go might be quite frightening. Therefore we have made a small movie to visualize all the process form the first visit to the doctor at ORTO clinic till the day the surgery is performed.

People you see in the movie are the staff of ORTO clinic. The movie is filmed in clinic’s premises.


Currently we are witnessing an outbreak of gout – How to recognize the disease? (17.01.2017.)


Christmas and New Year festivities with tables laden with food cause people an outbreak of gout. For some people, excessive consumption of food ends in the aggravation of the disease. With others, gout symptoms appear for the first time in the post-holiday period.

Gout symptoms are a sudden, sharp pain which often starts at night, a swelling and redness in some of the joints, most often at the base of fingers or  in a  knee joint.


An orthopedic goods store has been opened on the premises of the ORTO Clinic (13.09.2016.)


In order to provide the patients with everything necessary for a comprehensive treatment process at one spot, this September the ORTO Clinic opened an orthopedic goods store. One can buy a wide range of orthopedic aids in it, which ease pain making life more tolerable, defer the need for surgery, and make unassisted walking and other common activities possible in the postoperative period.